the webmaster

Ghostology is a website dedicated to P.F. Magic’s Petz series. I’m Ignis, the webmaster of this little place on the web. I usually go by the name milktea on forums. I wanted a place to host all my petz files and crew, thus this site was born. It’s also a way for me to get back into my love for graphic and website making.

My love for Petz was one of those things that just never died. Also the thought of teaching myself how to hex never really left my brain even after all these years. As a kid in the 90s and early 2000s, I used to spend my time playing Petz, Babyz, and Creatures. And then I saw The Sims in stores and that took all my attention.

Years went by and I put Petz in the back of mind as something to revisit again someday. I did reinstall it back in 2016/2017, mainly playing the game without interacting much with the community because I’m a highly introverted person. Back in 2019, I finally reinstalled Babyz and learned how to hex and it fulfilled a childhood goal. I was reading hexing tutorials for petz and I was slowly getting back into community but life got pretty rough as its wont to do and suddenly it was nearing the end of 2022. I made it a point to finally rejoin the community and threw myself into learning how to hex. And well I finally learned and reignited my passion for web-design after a long hiatus. I truly love making graphics, pixel art, and silly little things for video games that might seem inconsequential to many, but it means the world to me.

other facts about me:
I like to collect reference texts/books
I love learning programming languages
I dislike bitter tasting things - especially dark chocolate
I can't eat spicy food due to a allergy reaction from it

Picrew images of me.