welcome to the archives

home to ghostology's hex archive for the p.f. magic's petz. feel free to take a look at my slowly expanding hex creations.

rules for all my hexed files:

♦ showing prefix is milktea
♦ playdates are allowed
♦ name and gender changing is fine, but do not change or copy the coding, or claim as your own.
♦ no redistributing, or file-sharing
♦ do not put up for download, auction, sale, adoptions
♦ if you no longer want this pet, please return to me at merjben@gmail.com

trade status: open!

available: will give customs for trade of hexed, bred, art, stamps.
limited: might be more time consuming or picky - contact me with an offer and we can discuss.
exclusive: only available during a certain time of the year.
retired: as stated, retired will not be offering more.
n/a: not available for trade at the moment.